Message from the Regional Manager

The world is witnessing constant change; where farming is no longer as simple as it used to be. From climate change, inability to control pests and weeds, fluctuation of prices in the market, accompanied by a decline in resources; have become a challenge in a world with a population that is growing by the day.

In the face of these challenges, BASF is always committed to create innovative solutions for farmers and supporting them to provide better yield in the market.

We are also keen on enhancing and meeting the needs of our esteemed partners, which play an integral part of our success in the development of agriculture in Egypt.

 Magdy El Sobky

Magdy El Sobky

Regional Manager

Assume responsibility for landscape, soil and water

Soil and water are the most valuable elements for successful farming and are the basis for all human beings. Therefore we have to protect both – for farm businesses, for their communities and for the next generations. Ever wondered what sustainable agriculture means?