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Message from the Regional Manager, Magdy El Sobky

“Farming today is more complex than ever before. The unpredictability of the weather, control of pest and weeds, market price development, scarcity of natural resources, all this in a world heading toward 9 billion people. These challenges demand BASF to continue its commitment to creating innovative solutions for growers, supporting them with the task of nurturing a hungry planet.

We intend to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders in Egypt to ensure that the industry becomes stronger.”

Magdy El Sobky

Magdy El Sobky

Regional Manager

Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming

Assume responsibility for landscape, soil and water

Soil and water are the most valuable elements for successful farming and are the basis for all human beings. Therefore we have to protect both – for farm businesses, for their communities and for the next generations. Ever wondered what sustainable agriculture means?

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