Sustainability in Farming – It’s in Your Hands

How do you believe your work as a farmer will change over the next 20 years? And how will it look in 2050?

Some parameters are already for certain: we will have more and more mouths to feed, with limited resources and stricter regulations for production. You are not facing the challenge alone. We support productive, sustainable agriculture, allowing you to protect the land you hold in trust for future generations while meeting the demands of modern society. Sustainability may appear to be something we commit to out of duty rather than choice. But for us it is far from that – we perceive it as a chance for all of us to leave a positive environmental inheritance, to ensure that we retain licenses for proven products and solutions in order to fulfill increasing demands for food, and also to constantly improve the conditions we work under

Can we count on you to turn this opportunity into reality?

You play an irreplaceable part in creating a prosperous future for agriculture. Our vision stands and falls with the small decisions you make every day, decisions which eventually will have enormous effects for our future generations.

Furthermore, you carry responsibility not only for your actions and the land you work with, but for agriculture, its future and its image in society in general. With your help, we can unite the apparent opposites of sustainability and profitability, and convert the challenges we all face into opportunities that will benefit everyone.

Because after all, you are the one who turns ideas into actions. For a sustainable agriculture. Now and for the long term. It’s in Your Hands.

The biggest Job on Earth

It’s a simple question really: What is the biggest job on earth? But it is not one that is easy to answer. The more you think about it though, the clearer it becomes that the answer has to be: Farming.

Every day of the year, you work hard to provide the basis of our existence – the food for our world. At the same time, it falls under your responsibility to care for the land you work with, and for the environment which we all depend on. Inspired by the insights we gathered from working closely together with farmers all over the world, we called into existence the “biggest job on earth”-campaign to raise awareness for your accomplishments, and the incredible range of challenges that you are facing. The campaign offers a platform on which everyone – farmers like you, as well as supporters from all corners of society – can express their appreciation for your work and show their support. Our overriding goal is to make visible the efforts that come along with agricultural work, and that are taken for granted by large parts of our society. We want to raise the public profile of agriculture, and create appreciation for what you do for us every day.

Your challenges are our motivation

We at BASF see our job in supporting and enabling you to better deal with the challenges you face today, and to be well prepared for those that still lie ahead: to grow more quality food more efficiently while conserving our natural resources.It is our aim to deeply understand what is important to you. We strive to recognize your challenges, your ambitions and your goals so that we can offer you solutions that truly make your work better and easier. Based on our understanding of your business, we create chemistry and develop products and solutions that are tailored to your needs, and contribute to your success. In order to extend our knowledge and to harness synergies wherever possible, we have created several projects and initiatives surrounding sustainability in which we work closely together with farmers and growers like you on finding innovative solutions that benefit all of us.

Competitiveness in global markets

Sustainability in farming pays off in many ways, and not only in the very long term. One of the midterm benefits of sustainable practices is the availability of highly effective plant protection products. The registration and re-registration of crop protection products after 10 years depends to a large degree on pressure from society and politicians. The proper and safe use of pesticides is the prerequisite for you to remain competitive in the market. It is only with your help that we can achieve that trusted products stay available, and that new, innovative ingredients receive approvals in spite of the strict regulations we face today, which are driven by society and politics. Sustainable and responsible use of products thus helps you to ensure and improve your competitiveness in an ever-changing, globalized market.