New Seed Offer

The new BASF Seed business for cotton offers high value seeds that have excellent yield and fiber quality. Cotton is noted for its versatility, its appearance, its performance and–above all–its natural comfort. From all types of sheets and towels... tarpaulins and tents...jeans and jersey, cotton in today's world is still nature's wonder fiber, providing thousands of useful products and supporting millions of jobs as it moves from field to fabric.

A cotton plant consists of roots, leaves, bolls and flowers, just like many other plants. The magic element of this plant is that there is no waste in cotton production: every single part of the plant can be used for various purposes. Cotton is crushed into oil, meal and hulls. Cottonseed oil is a common component of many food items, used primarily as a cooking oil, shortening and salad dressing. The oil is extensively used in packaged snack foods such as crackers, cookies and chips. The meal and hulls are used as livestock, poultry and fish feed and as fertilizer. A crop that echos BASF value of verbund!

 Walid Adel

Walid Adel