Agricultural Solutions

Apple [Malus domestica]

The apple is a real little treasury of ingredients that positively affect our body. It is a challenge to preserve this wealth against diseases and insects and to pick healthy fruits.

Professional care leads to best fruits

In most of the European nations, the apple is a symbol of health and even of beauty. Of course, it is not without reason - the apple is rich in vitamins (C, A, E, B complex vitamins, beta-carotene), minerals, fibers, fruit sugars. Along with the banana, apple is the mostly traded fruit. Consumers' habits are such that the apple is consumed throughout the year, so there is a logical need of the fruit trade chains to have it within their offer at the same period, in adequate amounts and quality.

The new market demands and global connectivity have caused changes in the technology of growing apple. Apple production process has become a high technology process and it seems that today there is place only for fully dedicated professionals in this type of production.

Such professionalism means a choice of reliable products for protection of the apples, such as those offered by the company BASF.